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Firmware update

Firmware update

Net-2/8 products now offer sACN priority.

Users of the Showtec Net-2/3 and 2/5 Pocket, the Showtec Net-8/3 and 8/5, the Showtec Net-2 Panel and the Showtec Net-2 Install products will be happy to learn that the latest firmware update will include the option to configure sACN priority for the DMX in- and outputs. With this, multiple consoles can be connected to the same sACN network, because the device with the highest priority will have the master control. This has a couple of advantages over DMX, where only one console can be used. For example, two control decks can be connected to the same line, so one can act as a backup, should the master console fail. This means there is no down time, and the backup can run in parallel to the master console. Another very convenient advantage is that the control can be split between a media server and a lighting console. Super useful when you’re working with a big pixel mapped rig!

Allocate the highest priority to the media server, and the lights will follow the server as long as there is information coming from it. Your lighting console can then pick up between songs or shows, when the content you’re sending from your server stops, so you’ll have a “basic” fall-back look. As soon as the server starts sending pixel information, the lights will pick it up again and prefer its information over that of your console. The latest firmware will be available for download via our product pages.


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