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Functional and cosy vaccination locations

Functional and cosy vaccination locations

Nifty system uses RGB LEDs to indicate occupied compartments.

For several vaccination locations in The NetherlandsSikkelerus Light–Sound–Effects have provided functional and cosy lighting solutions using Showtec Extension cables for E27 with various Showtec LED filament bulbs, supplemented by several Artecta Profile Pro 10 LED profiles with Havana Ribbon RGB 30 LED strips, a number of Showtec’s Parcan 30 with Osram Parathom Par 30 LED Lamps, secured with more than a few Showtec safety cables and Tent Clamps. Given the opportunity, Patrick van Sikkelerus worked out his well-received idea and created a very comfortable atmosphere in the staff break room and a practical solution for the vaccination compartments. A wireless system was implemented to enable the employees to show whether they are occupied (RGB strips set to red) or free for the next client (RGB strip set to green). Signalled by a discrete light at a front desk panel, the receptionist is then able to guide the next client to the right compartment. Inhabitants of Alkmaar, Middenmeer, Den Helder and Texel will be able to see this system working in their own town. If you’re not so “lucky”, check out the pictures below.


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