Good flavors, nice music.. and great lighting by Infinity and Showtec

Good flavors, nice music.. and great lighting by Infinity and Showtec

‘Stageteam’, a customer of Lagotronics Portugal, created a unique atmosphere during the ‘Algarve Jazz Gourmet Moments’, a festival which combines the nicest Algarvian gastronomy with the best of jazz.

They used 10x Infinity IB-5R, 8x Infinity Furion S-401, 12x Infinity iW-1915, 6x Showtec Helix S5000 and 10x Showtec Power Spot 9 Q5 in their set up:          

  • Infinity IB-5R: Fully packed with features like a Osram Sirius HRI 230W lamp (5R), 8-facet prism with zoom function and frost filter, 17 metal gobos in combination with 14 vivid colours and fast movements for pan/tilt, gobo and colour changes, the IB-5R offers all functions for a demanding light designer.

  • Furion S-401 Spot: a true powerhouse which produces a razor-sharp beam with clear visuals and a fast and precise colourmix. The 5:1 ratio zoom range from 6º to 30º and the bi-directional continuous rotating animation-wheel, combined with Digital Motion FX, 6 glass gobos and 7 metal gobos, creates awesome projections or mid –air effects with the only limit being your imagination.

  •  Infinity iW-1915 Pixel: This successor of the iW-1915 with its wide linear zoom function, allows you to use the fixture either as beam effect or wash light. A clear high grade lens plate with excellent optics ensures a perfect colour mix at any zoom position and can create stunning aura effects.

  • Showtec Helix S5000: an outstanding IP65 wash with 40 Prolight Opto RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs, well equipped to be used outdoors.

  • Showtec Power Spot 9 Q5: the Power Spot Q5 family, with a  rugged di-cast aluminum housing, has the possibility to mix RGB with Cool White and Amber to achieve extraordinarily beautiful solid colours. Because of the 5-in-1 technology and very high power of the individual LED’s we can achieve a very high output with a minimum quantity of LED’s.

So, ‘Algarve Jazz Gourmet Moments’ took care of taste buds and ears, ‘Stageteam’ took care of the eyes. Great combination, well done!