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Greek Ahoy Club chooses Phantom

Greek Ahoy Club chooses Phantom

The Greek Ahoy Club reached out to our distributor Poulis Kostas and his company Sivko Electronics to expand its lightshow. The Ahoy Club chose 44 Showtec Phantom 3R Beams.

In the Greek village of Kallithea in Chalkidiki county you can find the famous Ahoy Club. For over 30 years it has been the centre of clubbing in the region and every year they look for new ways to give their audience the full entertainment experience.

The people from Ahoy Club reached out to our exclusive Greek distributor Sivko Electronics and its owner Poulis Kostas to make this happen. Sivko Electronics already arranged a lot of lighting equipment and special FX units for the Ahoy Club. Showtec Galactic Lasers, Antari Foggers, Sunstrips, RGB Led Par's, Titan Strobes and Mirrorballs already found their way into the club and into the extensive installation. Sivko Electronics came up with the best solution for the club and added 44 Showtec Phantom 3R Beam fixtures to the setup. The Phantoms have no problem at all performing brilliantly at 12mtr height.

Ahoy Club’s own light designer Dimitris Terzis uses an Infinity Chimp 300 including an additional Banana Wing to operate the entire lighting arsenal and he created very impressive shows with the Phantoms. See for yourself.


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