Highlite present during
Highlite present during "Wintertijd"

Highlite with Odin, Showtec and Infinity present during "Wintertijd".

From 12 December to 5 January, the city centre of Heerlen (NL) will once again be dominated by "Wintertijd" or
“Winter Time”, a huge December-happening which concentrates most activities and performances on and around
the Pancratius Square.  An event full of activities for young and old with live performances at different locations
and much more. Among other things, a 600m2 skating rink, a 30 meter long slide, winter cafe, various stages,
Christmas stalls and tepee tents make Heerlen the winter city par excellence. And Highlite supports "Winter Time"

The people of the VIE Eventgroup are the driving force behind "Wintertijd" and through their efforts they have
created a great event. Highlite is one of the companies that support this initiative. Among other things, two Odin
Line array setups provide the complete audio experience at the Wintercafé at the Pancratius-square and in the
winter location at the "Bongerd".  Each location is equipped with 8 Odin T-8A Satellite speakers in combination
with S-218A double 18" ultra subwoofers which is completed with SF-12A active 2-way Side fill speakers. In terms
of lighting Vintage Blaze '33 light fixtures from Showtec together with 12 Showtec Phantom 3R Hybrid moving heads
were chosen to provide the right winter atmosphere. To complete the picture, 8 Infinity iW-1915 RGBW Wash units
are used.

Just like last year, more than 170,000 visitors will have over three weeks of "Wintertijd" fun, enjoying more than 80
different activities and a wide variety of entertainment offerings. From local choirs to heavy metal, from curling to pop
quiz, from classical music to ice hockey demos, everything has been taken care of to make "Wintertijd" the hottest
time of the year.