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'Het Zomertheater'

'Het Zomertheater'

Stagelight provided the stage lighting for 'Het Zomertheater'. And how!

With 24x Infinity Furion S401, 36x Infinity IW-1915P, 8x Infinity Furion S601 and 24x Showtec Helix S5000, operator and light designer Kristian Vloet created a beautiful light show for 'Het Zomertheater' (The Summer Theatre) in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

‘Het Zomertheater’, part of ‘De Bossche Zomer’ (The Den Bosch Summer), is an initiative by Bart van Schaaijk (Coreworks), Jan Dirk Vis (Jan Vis Entertainment), Jacco van der Heijden (Stagelight) and Willem de Leeuw (Lion Event Support). The ambition was nothing less than to create something in which the corona limitations become a positive force. An event where the experience is not less than "normal" but, on the opposite, more special. And that was realized with meters-high stages and lots of great Dutch artists.

In our opinion, they did an excellent job!


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