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Highlite and SLF Sponsor Flood Charity Event

Highlite and SLF Sponsor Flood Charity Event

A substantial amount of gear from Highlite and SLF Group Rental + Sales BV has been used at the stage of the Limburg Oet de Drup fund-raising concert where national and local artists were performing.

Since the floods of several rivers in Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands this past July (2021), multiple charity events have raised money to support victims financially. Limburg Oet de Drup foundation, also active after the floods in 1993 and 1995 and brought back to life after the current events, had similarly organised an outdoor benefit concert to support victims in the province of Limburg in The Netherlands, at which several regional and national artists performed. More than 1000 attendees were welcomed on top of the Cauberg in Valkenburg aan de Geul. Artists Lucas & Steve, Jansse Bagge Bend, Minsekinder, Phil Bee en Daan Prevoo, Andy & Roy, Beppie Kraft, Big Benny, Christel en Quinn, Erwin, Frans Theunisz, Marjolein Heijltjes, Marleen Rutten, Pruuf Mar, Ziesjoem!, Emma Kok, Stef Classens, Enzo Kok, Marco Bakker, Martin Hurkens, Rob Mennen, Gé Reinders, Jack Vinders, Limbo Projects and Stephanie Struijk contributed to the fundraising concert.

The stage was decorated with a lot of sponsored equipment. Highlite and SLF Group Rental + Sales BV have worked together to provide an Infinity Chimp 300 lighting console to control all the lighting equipment on stage, among which were six Infinity iW-1915 Pixel wash zoom fixtures, 16 Showtec Phantom 12R Hybrid moving heads, 40 Spectral M1500 LED wash fixtures, and eight Helix 5000 LED wash fixtures. A Novastar VX6S was also sponsored to control 28 DMT Premiere Series PS3.9N pixel screens, which were hanged using three double Rigging Bars and one single Rigging Bar for Premiere Series. Three Cases for 8x DMT Premiere Series were provided for safe transport. The necessary cables came from DAP, like the Power Pro True and the powerCON True1 power cables, FL56 - CAT6 cables and FL55 - CAT5 cables. Also sponsored by Highlite were 14 Eller Steel Slings 1 Ton WLL and 14 Chain Shackles. Additionally, four Showgear Electric Streamer Cannon Pros were used. Terrain lighting was assisted by four Showtec Phantom 12R Hybrid moving heads and four Single DP-1 DMX dimming packs. Altogether, the lighting equipment delivered a spectacular show for the audience and performers to enjoy.

Photo credits: MaRicMedia Nieuws.