Highlite joins “Night of light”

Highlite joins “Night of light”

German company LK AG asked entertainment companies to join the “Night of Light” event to colour buildings or landmarks red. And this is what happened…

The current Corona-situation forced the entire entertainment- and event-business worldwide into an involuntary lockdown. Almost overnight every event, festival and concert was cancelled. Subsequently catering businesses, hotels, exhibition stand builders, riggers, technicians, rental companies saw their activities diminish to virtually zero. The German company LK AG from the town of Essen wanted to make a statement to create awareness with the governments to look for solutions for this huge problem.

LK AG started the “Night of Light” in which they ask the participants to colour a building bright red on Sunday evening 22 June. Red because it is the colour of passion, passion for the event- and entertainment industry. It is also the colour of danger because hundred thousands of jobs and the future of entertainment companies are on the line. And thirdly, it creates a flaming statement for the public to see how many are affected by this.

LK’s call did not go unnoticed and more than 9000 companies responded. Most of the companies come from Germany but there were also companies from Russia, America and even Japan who joined in.

We also participated in the global event and painted our Highlite headquarter offices and warehouses bright red. To achieve this we used 46 powerful outdoor fixtures from Showtec, the Helix S5000 Q4. As accessory we added the 15x60° beamshapers to get a uniform even spread of light. Especially for the 25mtr high warehouse these beamshapers came in very handy.

Check out the pictures! If you would like to know more about the “Night of Light”, then simply follow the link or check their Facebook-page for more amazing pictures.