Highlite at Plasa Focus Leeds
Highlite at Plasa Focus Leeds

Year: 2018

Location: Plasa Focus Leeds

Let’s meet face to face!

Have we got news for you! Of course, we can tell you about it but it would be better for you to get your information and your own experience first-hand by simply visiting us during Plasa Focus Leeds.  We will show you a vast array of new items but would especially like to point out our new retro look Vintage Blaze 55. Also presenting the Infinity Furion S201 Spot, a visual marvel which can create the best projections. Double colourwheel, Digital Motion FX, flicker-free dimming and auto focus are just a couple of the numerous possibilities which you need to check out for yourself.  Or you can check out our Chimp 300 Lightcontroller with integrated 22” full HD touchscreen, ready and prepared to handle 4 universes and 300 fixtures. Our Chimp 300 is becoming a household-name very fast, being used during events and shows everywhere. So, please visit us in the New Dock Hall from the Royal Armouries Museum, Tuesday 1 May and Wednesday 2 May, stands N-E07 and N-E08 and let’s meet, face to face!