Home quiz with DMT, Showtec and Infinity

Home quiz with DMT, Showtec and Infinity

During the Corona period, WS Soundexpresse provides quizzes and other livestream productions from their own 'Studio WSS'.

They used for the decoration and lighting, among other things:

  • DMT Pixelmesh P37.5
  • DMT Pixel screen E3.9N Indoor
  • Infinity IW-1915 RGBW Wash 
  • Showtec LED Octostrip

Willem Smits of WS Soundexpresse explains why these products were chosen:

"At the time we chose the Pixelmesh because we could hang fixtures behind it, so you could use both LED effects and light, without needing a lot of space.

The IW1915 is just a super neat wash, with good output, zoom and beautiful colours, which work really well as a backlight for livestream jobs. 

And the LED screen, the E3.9N, is a solid, easy and quick to build LED screen, with an excellent resolution. Because of the speed of assembly and disassembly, we can easily adapt the studio set-up to the customer's wishes.”

We are pleased that our products make a good contribution to this great initiative. And it also proves of course that these products are extremely suitable for use in a TV studio.