Stavanger knows how to party!
Stavanger knows how to party!

The Norwegian student fraternity “Statsviterne på UiS” from Stavanger knows how to throw a party. In the “Kjell
Arholms Hus” at the university grounds they hosted their notorious “Husfesten” and they knew exactly who to
contact to make it all happen. Our customer “Eventi AS” arranged the entire setup and relied on Showtec, DMT and
Infinity to get the party started. For presenting the lightshow they used an Infinity Chimp 300G2 light controller
which was combined with an additional Infinity Banana Wing. Amongst other fixtures “Eventi AS” installed a lot of
Showtec fixtures. For the background the powerful Helix S5000 Q4 Washlight was used. Around the stage Showtec’s
Stage Blinder 2 DMX units added to the overall effect with Sunstrip Active MKII blinders attached to the dj booth.
“Eventi AS” also arranged the visuals by using DMT’s Pixelmesh E12.5 Tour LED screens which were controlled through
a DMT LS-170 video processor.