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Ilusión Balear Product demo

Ilusión Balear Product demo

It was a challenge this year to reach our demo-location in “Es Gremi” at Palma de Mallorca. Due to the severe
weather conditions unfortunately the first demo-day had to be cancelled. But the second day of the Ilusión Balear
S.L. hosted event everything was up and running. A lot of visitors showed up and displayed a lot of interest into
the various product presentations.

The Odin line array system with the S-218A Ultra subwoofers and the new SF-12A active Celestion-based Sidefills
received a lot of attention.  Showtec not only amazed with the Co2 Mistique hazer but also with the Phantom 280
Hybrid which combines a Spot, Wash and Beam into one fixture. Infinity was present with various Furion moving
heads, Signature theatre luminaires and the Chimp light controller. DAP Audio completed the demo with speakers
of the Pure-Series and the Xi-MKII Installation range speakers.




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