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Infinity Signature Theatre lights in Felix Meritis

Infinity Signature Theatre lights in Felix Meritis

Infinity fixtures light several rooms including the main Concert Hall.

The Felix Meritis building at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has recently been renovated and Rolight was hired to furnish several rooms in this imposing and modernised building. Fitting to the application, several professional fixtures from Infinity were chosen to accommodate the lighting in three rooms: the main Concertzaal (concert hall), the Zuilenzaal (pillar room) and the Shaffyzaal (Shaffy room, named after the famous Dutch singer/actor Ramses Shaffy). The main concert hall has been equipped with seven TF-260C7 Fresnell and six TS-260C7 Profile Engine fixtures. The TS-260C7 fixtures have been coupled with the Infinity Zoom lens (TLT-2350), which provides a 25° to 50° manual zoom to the fixture. For the Zuilenzaal Rolight chose to install four TF-260C7 Fresnell and six TS-260C7 Profile Engine fixtures, like in the concert hall, equipped with the Infinity TLT-2350 Zoom lens to generate the desired effect. In the Shaffyzaal four TF-260C7 Fresnell fixtures provide the essential base lighting of the room.
The Infinity Signature Series offers professional lighting solution. Designed in cooperation with famous French company Robert Juliat, the Signature Series offers highly accurate and calibrated colours (CRI>96) using sophisticated implementations like 16-bit virtual dimming and RGB, CMY and HSI colour control. The custom designed silent cooling system guarantees safe operation of the 260-watt Lumiled colour engine.


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