Karis May Darling meets Odin

Karis May Darling meets Odin

The Karis May Darling Foundation has been active since 2011, raising funds to give traning, education and professional coaching in performing arts and sport for free to underpriviliged children. The foundation organizes a lot of events to make sure that this can continue and one of these events is the ""Big Variety Day"". And Mr. Harry Carnaby from Allstarz Production took the opportunity to use Odin again after his positive experience during the ""Elements""-show in Queens theatre.

This is what he had to say about it: ""After using the Odin system in the Queens Theatre we were very excited to use the system again. This time we were testing the system on a outdoor charity music festival called The Karis May Darling Foundation Big Variety Day! Once again we were blown away at how powerful the system was. With 3,000 attendees the system was punchy and still very crisp. We had 5x Cabinets per side on top of 1x sub and then all the rest of the subs spread out across the stage all controlled by a Yamaha QL1. The artists included Singers, Dance Schools and Be Positive Choir from Britain’s Got Talent and then DJ Harrison Ball in the evening who really pushed the system.

Overall extremely happy and advise anyone who is looking for a new system to contact us for a demo or hire.


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