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Lights at kids Carnival

Lights at kids Carnival

Showtec makes some colours.

Doka Audiovisueel
has provided sound and light at a children’s Carnival event with 4 Archi Painter and 2 Helix 4000 Q4 wash lights, 4 Spectral M800 fixtures, an Atmos Bubble and a TR-512 DMX trigger/recorder. At the evening event, organised by track commissioner Michel van Dijke and carnival associationDe Flaarisse, 48 children rode their decorated bikes around the cycling track in Geleen, The Netherlands, as an alternative to the cancelled children’s parade. The colourful wash lights and fixtures added a bit of atmosphere to the bleak track lights. The TR-512 was pre-programmed with a few sequences, so a full DMX console wasn’t needed in the outside environment. The Archi Painter and Helix 4000 Q4 are followed up by the Helix S5000, the Spectral M800 by the Spectral M880 Q4 Tour and IP65 and the Atmos Bubble has been replaced by the Antari B100.


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