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Limelite Lighting colours the ice
Limelite Lighting colours the ice
Long before the Christmas period up until January 2019 the well known Royal Turnbrigde Wells Ice rink in Kent is open for the public. During this time there are all kinds of activities like figure skating presentations, live music, choirs concerts. 
Our Kent-based customer Limelite Lighting has been involved with this event since its start in 2012. This year they have coloured the ice rink and the surroundings with a lot of Showtec like 43 units of the Showtec Cameleon Flood 15 Q4. With their IP65 rating very well equipped to be used outdoors, even under harsh conditions. 15 RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs make sure that the event remains colourful. Thirteen units of the Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 including the optional 40° beamshapers are in action to light up the surrounding grounds and trees. These units are also rated IP-65 and, as an additional advantage, are equipped with W-DMX by Wireless Solutions. This makes programming and controlling the Helix S5000 Q4-units extremely easy.
Mr. Ed Railton, co-owner of Limelite Lighting, had the following to say about the use of the Cameleon Floods and Helix S5000's: " .....decided on the Highlite fixtures for the following reasons, well built, very bright, good strong colours, ease of use, cost effective and the Helix units are w dmx and this has really helped on this venue, we will be looking to add more of these fixtures to our hire stock over the coming months, we would fully recommend this products for any rental/hire production company...."