M-Sound installs DAP Audio in DIY hardwarestore
M-Sound installs DAP Audio in DIY hardwarestore

The DIY hardware retail chain Filippo recently finished a new 1150m2 warehouse in Beverwijk (NL). They started construction in March 2018 and have now reached the point of completion. To make sure that everything went smoothly they made sure to use the best materials for the build and the best companies to construct the warehouse.

At the new location Filippo's customers can expect an office, a separate store and an actual "Drive-In" where they can enter by car to get the materials they need. Filippo contacted our customer M-Sound from Heemskerk (NL) and asked them to come up with the audio-setup for the various spaces.

Mr. Michael Melse from M-Sound explains what they used and why. "We asked Mr. Ton Melse from M-Sound to be the responsible project manager. The complete setup is meant to be used for background music in all areas. Because all areas differ in height and measurements we decided to use different speakers and fine-tune them with the DAP DCP-26MK2 digital speaker manager. In the office we used DAP Xi-8 MKII speakers because of the low ceiling. In the store resonance must be kept to a minimum. That is why we installed DAP Xi-10 MKII speakers as a cluster. For the "Drive-In" we installed 8pcs of DAP MHS-80S horns. We chose the MHS-80S not only for their sound quality but also because they have an IP-66 rating. This makes them very well suited for damp environments. Amplification of this complete setup will be handled by 2 DAP Qi-4600 amplifiers with music being produced by the DAP IR-100 internet-radio. Overall DAP Audio was the way to go for this project because it has a good price/quality ratio and the Xi-design is very stylish." DIY Hardware store Filippo chose M-Sound for various reasons. They have a 24/7 service policy, vast experience in installing and handling audio-, video- and lighting-equipment and respond swiftly to any request.

Check out the pictures with courtesy of M-Sound