Marleen Rutten's new clip

Marleen Rutten's new clip

Dutch singer Marleen Rutten is well-known in Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands. She has been active for
some years now and sings mostly in her own dialect. Producing new songs every year and performing numerous
times each year has only added to her popularity.

For her latest song "As ich die twinkels in dien auge zeen", meaning "When I see the sparkles in your eyes", she
contacted us. She would love to have her videoclip to be recorded in the Highlite showroom. Highlite's own light
designer and product manager Dennis Evers arranged a special light show for her which truly brought all the
sparkles out. After an eventful day of filming Marleen and her dancers the recording session was over.

And here is the amazing result.


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