Marseille Roadshow May 23rd 2018

Marseille Roadshow May 23rd 2018

Wednesday, May 23rd, our roadshow could be found near Marseille, in the town of Vitrolles where a special presentation was held in the “Guy Obino”-room. Customers from near and far found their way to this location and they got what they came for: a great show with DMT, Odin and Infinity making sure to have the artists on stage shine. Our French sales representative, Gilles Dimosthene, and our own DMT-, Odin- and Infinity-experts made sure that this roadshow-event went flawlessly.

But this would not have been possible without the support and professionalism of the technical managers from the “Guy Obino”-room: Stéphane, Manu and Rafik. The band, Sarbacane Tribute, put our Odin system to the test with their bass guitar, drums, guitar, cello, percussion, keyboard and singing and it passed perfectly. Very excited about the presence of Mr. Eric Moutot, editor in chief of Sonomagazine and expert sound engineer.

During the event a lot of questions were asked and answered accordingly. Although one question remains unanswered at this time: “When will the next roadshow event take place and where will this be?”


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