MME’s movie experience

MME’s movie experience

If you would like to know what entertainment looks like during social distancing time, then you should visit the cities of Wismar and Schwerin in Germany.

If you have an entertainment company which focuses on complete audio, light and visuals experiences, what do you do during these lockdown, social distancing times? You look for ways to stay active and entertain people anyway. That is exactly what our German customer MME Group did. The people from MME went to the cities of Wismar and Schwerin in the north of Germany and turned two parking lots into full size drive in movie theatres. They used the DMT Premiere PS4.6 LED screens to create the big picture, literally. With 9x5mtr MME delivered a formidable viewing experience for their audience. To add to the good times both locations also have food- and drink-stands to provide beverages, popcorn and more.

Both screens are active since April, showing a minimum of 2 movies per day and recently football matches and online live concerts as well. At the Autokino Schwerin the experience does not stop there. MME added a truss roof-system and a stage where deejay’s and bands can perform live while the audience can enjoy everything from their cars. Infinity’s iW-1915 pixel controlled RGBW Washlights and Showtec’s raincovers completed MME’s setup.



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