Mr. Dietrich Chimp tutorials

Mr. Dietrich Chimp tutorials

Mr. David Dietrich from has created a Youtube channel dedicated to the Chimp 100.G2.  Here he explains different functions and shares his own experiences.

Mr. David Dietrich from Stuttgart Germany is the proud owner of a Chimp 100.G2 light controller since 2019. His self-learned knowledge and his experiences with the Chimp have now been recorded in videos that can be accessed via his Youtube channel. We asked Mr. Dietrich how he came up with the idea to make these product videos. Here is his answer: "As I said on the YouTube channel, I am not a specialist for event technology, but I came into the field through Christian youth work and have acquired most of the knowledge myself, or learned in cooperation with event technicians.

I had my first contact with the Infinity Chimp last year at the Prolight and Sound 2019 in Frankfurt. What appealed to me was the user-friendliness of the console, which, together with basic knowledge of other consoles and software, enabled me to operate it quickly. Shortly afterwards I heard about an offer for an Infinity Chimp 100.G2 from Sound-Concept in Bavaria and bought it a year ago. The goal was to replace the previous use of computer interfaces with a console and to continue to enter and learn about professional lighting technology. The Chimp 100 was chosen mainly because of the price-performance ratio in the benchmark to other products.

Up to now the controller has been used for smaller events in youth work and my community (~100-300 people, primarily with band, DJ or presenter). But besides that I used it a lot to teach myself professional lighting design and control with ArtNet Visualization despite my lack of training. Larger events planned for this spring and summer can probably not take place because of the Corona pandemic.

My experience with the Chimp has been very good so far, as it supports most of the required functions of my work and gives me enough freedom in design. Unfortunately I missed the support of Multi(cell) fixtures for some of the events last fall. The 1.11 update has improved this with a workaround, although I'm very much hoping for an update with full integration. Positive experiences are especially in the intuitive but professional handling and the very easy to understand user interface. Shows can be designed easily and guided by the design and setting options and still offer many possibilities due to the good use of presets and magicsheets and virtual executors. I have never had technical problems with the console before.


I created the YouTube channel to bundle the knowledge about the Chimp, which I acquired myself in various ways, and hopefully other products and basics in event technology in the further course of the process on one channel".

And here is the link to his Youtube channel:

We are pleased about the comments and the initiative of Mr. Dietrich to share his own knowledge. If you would like to share your own experiences, if you have done tutorials about one of our products, simply let us know.