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Music connects Limburg

Music connects Limburg

The soccer stadium “De Geusselt” Maastricht (NL) formed the stage for the live online event “Limburg
voor Limburg”. Showtec and Infinity performed as well.

The corona measures have a major impact on society. Large gatherings will not be allowed in the near future.
Something that is clearly noticeable in professional football and the entertainment industry. The initiative
“Limburg for Limburg” was started in order not to get bogged down and to connect Limburg with music. The
people from football-club MVV Maastricht (NL), radio station Qmusic Limburg, marketing agency Reactivators
and digital agency Middag got together and organised the 2-hour online live event. The football stadium “De
Geusselt” in Maastricht formed the stage for the live event on Saturday 30 May which presented artists like
Martin Hurkens, Beppie Kraft and more. Our customer DEMO Productions facilitated light and sound for the
two-hour online live event and used more than 50 different fixtures in their setup. It included Showtec Helix
S5000, Showtec’s Active Sunstrips and four 8 Channel DMX Boosters. Infinity was present with 12 iW-1915
RGBW Wash units, 24 iB-715 RGBW Beams and one Chimp 300 unit to control it all.



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