Odin in ‘De Koe’ community centre in Breda
Odin in ‘De Koe’ community centre in Breda

Year: 2017
Location: Breda
Lighting designer: Jacobs Breda Electronics
Production/Rental: Jacobs Breda Electronics

De Koe’ regularly hosts performances, parties, and receptions. The centre’s older lighting and sound fixtures were replaced with Showtec lighting and the Odin line array during the recent large-scale extension of the building, carried out by Jacobs Breda Electronics.

14 T-8A top cabinets and 6 S-18A subwoofers were placed in two of the main events spaces. Thanks to the impressive performance potential, relatively few cabinets are needed in each space. Meanwhile, the EASE Focus 3 software – which covers all specifications for the Odin cabinets – calculates the best possible angles between the top cabinets as well as the settings for a range of variables.

The lighting equipment consists of Showtec Compact PARs, Showtec Performer Fresnel spots, and several Kanjo moving heads. The set was completed with various Showtec molton drapes, LED bars, and an Antari haze machine.