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On stock: iW-741 & iW 1941

On stock: iW-741 & iW 1941

INFINITY iW-741 & iW-1941

The Infinity iW-1941 RGBW Wash is equipped with a motorized zoom with which a beam from 3,6° to 60° can be created.
It produces a massive output due to the use of 19 RGBW 40W Osram Leds. The iW-1941 has individual pixel-control and
RGBW/CMY colour-modes. DMX, Artnet or RDM are the control protocols. RDM is enabled to arrange remote addressing
and PWM can be adjusted to ensure flicker free camera handling. Equipped with features like adjustable pan/tilt range,
multiple dimming settings RGBW/CMY option, 0-20Hz strobe and various operating modes, the iW-1941 is a formidable
unit in any setup or situation. Another exciting feature is “Output mode white” which generates a very clear and defined
white of almost 7000K. The Furion iW-1941 combines very fast movements, a wide zoom-range and a powerful output
to create spectacular light effects.

The Infinity iW-741 is a compact RGBW Wash which is equipped with 7 RGBW 40W Osram LEDs. Especially selected
motors provide ultrafast and precise movements. In combination with motorized zoom a razor sharp 3,6° beam can be
produced which changes into a 60° wash effect through various available controlling protocols. One of the features is
“Output mode white” which generates a very clear and defined white of almost 7000K. The seven Osram LEDs produce
very bright and saturated colours and by changing the PWM through DMX the iW-741 is very well suited for theatre or
television applications.



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