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Open Air Theatre in Brunssum

Open Air Theatre in Brunssum

Highlite brands helped to create a weekend to remember at the opening weekend of the Open-Air Theatre in Brunssum. A total of 82 Highlite products were in use to create an epic atmosphere during a weekend of musical performances, live shows, and movies.

For Brunssum locals, an evening at the Open-Air Theatre is a staple of any good summer. Surrounded by green trees and an idyllic small pond, the theatre is the perfect place to enjoy a warm summer's evening with friends and family. A dry summer is not always a guarantee in Limburg, but Brunssum’s Open-Air theatres recently installed roof ensured spirits wouldn't be dampened during a weekend of brilliant live performances.

The opening weekend of the Open-Air Theatre in Brunssum was celebrated with a plethora of performances and attractions including: the Dutch Customs Orchestra, a children’s performance by Hakim from Sesame Street, Guido’s Orchestra, and Maastricht Salon Orchestra all featured, concluding on the Sunday with a movie night of Mamma Mia 2.

The event featured an epic lighting setup, supplied by the SLF group and designed and operated by Black Out Lighting. Additional visuals were provided by Upendi. Producing a spectacular atmosphere was a whole range of Showtec and Infinity products including: 6 Infinity Furion S60, 19 Showtec Phantom 12R, 40 Showtec Spectral M1500Q4, 12 Showtec Expression 33000, 2 Infinity Chimp 300 G2 (one running backup), 1 Infinity Chimp Banana Wing, 1 Infinity Chimp Peanut box, and 1 Infinity Chimp Dongle.