Panorama Museum radiates hope
Panorama Museum radiates hope

Licht Produktiv created “Hoffnungsleuchten” on Good Friday by turning the local Panorama Museum into
a giant beacon of hope. 

Licht Produktiv, based in Bad Frankenhausen Germany, created on Good Friday “Hoffnungsleuchten”, (meaning
“The shining of hope”) by turning the local Panorama Museum into a giant beacon of hope.  Licht Produktiv’s
owner Nico Bruder and his team lit up the 18mtr high, 44mtr wide iconic building with 9 Showtec Spectral
ZP-5, 11 Showtec Expression 6000 units and 8 Infinity iB-2R Moving head Beams. The motto on Good Friday
evening was: Stay at home, look out your window, go to your balcony and pause for a moment. And that is
what the people did. The colourful hope light was admired by the citizens throughout the Kyffhäuser region
and the stunning effect could be seen very clearly within a radius of 20 km.

On their website Mr. Bruder explains why they came up with the initiative: "In this hectic, uncertain time, we
wanted to symbolically set a sign of cohesion with the light of hope. Only together can we overcome this crisis.
We were so infinitely touched by the countless, positive response from the people of Bad Frankenhausen and
the surrounding area, especially via the social networks but also via pictures and messages over the phone.
We wanted to give as many people as possible a positive, powerful moment during this time". We couldn’t
agree more.

Pictures courtesy of Hobby Fotografie, Hydra-Fotografie and Katrin Heide