Peter Baur’s “LEDlichtkunst”
Peter Baur’s “LEDlichtkunst”

Peter Baur creates “LEDlichtkunst” or LED light art. He illuminates castles, statues and more in an amazing
way, here you can find out how and why.

On his Facebook-page Peter Baur from the city of Polch, Germany, describes his activities as follows: “Light design
and light art. Technical and artistic illumination (lighting and highlighting) of buildings, rooms and objects.” His
description is correct but it does not do justice to the amount of creativity he puts on display with every new setup.
Mr. Baur is active with his “LEDlichtkunst” or LED light art all around Germany, illuminating landmarks, castles,
statues with amazing results. Amongst other fixtures he uses a lot of Showtec fixtures for his creations. The
Showtec Helix 4000 Q4 and S5000 Q4 are part of his portfolio, but also the Archi Painters and various Showtec
Eventlites light up Mr. Baur’s projects. He has some very clear and distinct reasons to do so: “Depending on my
requirements I take the fixtures I need.….. The big advantage of the Helix lamps is the beautiful strong colours,
which do not wash out even at high brightness. Just as important are the corona-free mixed colours. Especially in
LED light art, wireless control is indispensable to avoid light spots and over-illumination.”

Pictures courtesy of Jürgen Beu, Heinz-Jörg Wurzbacher, Alex Daun