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Phantom 3R Hybrid lights up “Roter Hang”

Phantom 3R Hybrid lights up “Roter Hang”

The vineyard “Roter Hang” in the German town of Nierstein was lit up as a giant beacon of hope by the company Aurora Eventtechnik.

We received some very nice pictures from our customer Aurora Eventtechnik from the German town of Ludwigshöhe. They arranged an impressive setup in which they used 18 Showtec Phantom 3R Hybrid units to light up the complete “Roter Hang” vineyard as a massive beacon of hope for the entire region. Here is their own story: “We at Aurora Eventtechnik organize a big event at least once a year to promote the culture in our region. For this purpose we created the fire crown in Oppenheim last year. An event at which more than 1000 people came to the castle ruins of Landskrone. This year we had planned the Riesling Illumination in the municipal park for Nierstein. But then Corona came and everything was cancelled. Also the winegrower festival in Nierstein had to be cancelled. An event with decades of tradition to which several thousand people come to Nierstein. For this reason we wanted to offer Nierstein a little "glimmer of hope" in this event-free period.

We therefore decided to illuminate the world-famous "Roter Hang" vineyard. The project was not officially titled as an event, as this would not have been possible in Corona times with personnel guidance systems etc. The location also has the advantage that it can be seen from all over Nierstein, so that people do not all gather in one place. In consultation with the authorities, we have advertised the Riesling lighting with the comments that the project can be seen from all over Nierstein.

Aurora Eventtechnik has already had 8 Showtec Phantom 3R hybrids for 2 years and we are super happy with the lamp, low power consumption with comparatively extremely high output.  The movingheads are very fast and with the 2 prisms and 2 gobo wheels you can also create great morphing effects. Despite the currently very meager income we have decided to upgrade our stock to 16 pieces, because we are extremely convinced of the lamp! At this event we set up 8 pieces in the vineyards as Skybeam. Another 10 pieces below the vineyard to morph the area.

The 3R hybrids made a lot of sense especially for this event, because they have a very low power consumption. Unfortunately we had no fixed power on site and had to work with a power generator.”


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