Photoshoot Stage Blinder 8 DMX

Photoshoot Stage Blinder 8 DMX

The German based company Krolop & Gerst Photography has been very active in the photography business for several years. Taking pictures, producing video-tutorials, arranging live-feeds and various presentations, sharing their knowledge and experience through coaching and trainings.

They have made it their goal to educate novices and experienced photographers about the do's and don'ts when taking a picture. Using the correct lighting is key and of the utmost importance to create the proper mood and feel for each image. Recently, they used the Showtec Stage Blinder 8 DMX for one of their shoots and they were very enthusiastic about them.

The Stage Blinder 8 DMX is an active version of the already popular Stage Blinder 8. It has a built-in 4 channel dimmer so that the Stage Blinder can be controlled and dimmed by DMX with groups of 2 bulbs. The luminaire houses up to 8 Par 36 120V/650W DWE light bulbs which, through the use of DMX and the 4-channel dimmer, can create the desired effect to obtain the required highlight or light up the background.

Photographer Martin Krolop is very enthusiastic about working with the Showtec Stage Blinder 8 DMX because they produce an "awesome light". Originally designed for entertainment purposes, the Showtec Stage Blinder 8 DMX also delivers big time during a photo shoot or video-take. Lights, camera, action!


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