Quick DMX releases V9,0 software
Quick DMX releases V9,0 software

Quick DMX provides the ultimate solution for lighting control. It offers the possibility of direct control, from simple LED spots to the most complex moving light and pixel based fixtures, with a computer, the software and an interface. The computer is loaded with Quick DMX software to build and control the lighting show, by an interface via a USB or Ethernet port.

And now they have released software version V9,0 which offers some new and exciting features:

• Lightshow Creator - press one button and get a complete ready to use lightshow
• 3DView – textured objects and new 3D engine
• Multi head fixtures management from A to Z
• Generator – pan/tilt offsets/zoom/fan
• Live – improved BPM and Beat management
• Live – slider “shift” (from Generator)
• Virtual DJ connection

If you would like to see what these new features actually do, then you can watch these small tutorial videos which show in detail what these features mean.

The V9,0 software is available as free download on the product-pages, which you can find below: