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Rock Am Roer - 10th anniversary

Rock Am Roer - 10th anniversary

The 10th anniversary of Rock am Roer took place in Sint Odiliënberg on Saturday 11th June 2022. The line-up included 80s cover band Billy Spandex, Les Truttes – a band celebrating their own 25th anniversary, classic rock band Rectifire, and Nederpop All Stars who cover Dutch classics. For an event with such an eclectic line-up, Demo Productions provided a full range of lighting effects.

Rock Am Roer started early in the evening, which meant the first bands were playing in daylight, while the later bands played in darkness. A good selection of lighting effects ensured the perfect atmosphere for each band, no matter the time of day.

Demo Productions used a mixture of lighting fixtures by Showtec and Infinity. Starting with 10 powerful Showtec Stage Blinder 4 LEDs, they added 12 Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 washers for a healthy dose of colour. Spotlighting came in the form of 16 Showtec Spectral M800 fixtures. An integral part of the spectacular lighting setup was 24 Infinity iB-715 moving light beams along with 24 iW-741 moving light washes.

The images from this event (by Wim Mertens) not only show off the stage and the bands in all their glory, but also prove that everyone who attended Rock Am Roer 2022 had a fantastic time.