"Rowwen Hèze's" final 2019-show

"Rowwen Hèze's" final 2019-show

At the end of another tour-year the Dutch Limburg-based band "Rowwen Hèze" always closes with final performances in their hometown America (NL). With guest performances, a huge setup and a completely sold-out weekend,
Rowwen Hèze always deliver the perfect live gig experience for more than 20,000 fans.

They asked company Stagelight to arrange the lighting for their shows. Stagelight used 54 Infinity Furion S401
moving heads and added 16 Showtec Helix 4000 Q4 washlights which gave the entire entourage exactly what it
needed: strong saturated colours and awesome light effects.

Photographer Antoine Bongers took some awesome pictures of the event. Check it out!


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