Showroom Trip out of space
Showroom Trip out of space

What does it take to create a total experience in sight, sound and perception which can show you in 7 minutes what we are all about? Well, it takes a lot more than you think. Even if we ask you to make an educated guess, you would not be close. Here is the story behind the scenes...

During this years’ Experience day we premiered our latest showroom-spectacle "Trip out of space", a 7 minute long performance including light, sound and special effects. Our showroom received a complete makeover and we are extremely proud. Not only of the way the showroom looks now but also about our new presentation. A massive team effort combining more than 500 fixtures, time-coded audio-files, 3D-visuals with custom made content, surround sound, various props, special FX equipment, LED screens and a whole lot more. All this work and energy to show you everything we have to offer: Showtec lighting, DMT LED screens, DAP Audio, Infinity Moving heads, Infinity Signature Series. Every product-group, every price-range, applications and possibilities per item, packed into one complete show.

Completely new visuals with content, running on 75m2 of DMT LED screens, with three different pixel pitches into one presentation and constructed as a massive 3D cube. We used props which were teamed up with the Infinity Signature TS-260C7 profile engines, used in both CMY and Tungsten modes. Infinity moving heads, Showtec Spots, Washes, Beams and specials, 1K20 lasers and much more, responsible for the impressive lightshow. Our Odin line array, together with the Xi-speakers took care of the complete sound experience. Fog coolers, smoke machines and CO2 simulators created the perfect mood without clouding the big picture. And this is just a small part of what you can actually see, hear and experience.

Not directly visible but equally important to the entire show are the peripherals. We used for this setup 300m2 backdrops, 22 Lodestar 1000kg chain hoists and more than 300mtr powder coated truss. In the programming department 24 universes with 12,480 DMX addresses were used to get the show on the road. And we haven't even mentioned the lengths of cables used to connect it all or the cans of fog fluid .

We are very proud to present our latest show to you "Trip out of space". It shows perfectly what you can accomplish with a fair amount of imagination, a great deal of creativity and an awesome team.

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