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Showtec and Infinity Shine at Zwarte Cross

Showtec and Infinity Shine at Zwarte Cross

The Zwarte Cross festival in Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands offers a unique mix of motocross, music and much more. A total of 229,900 people were welcomed to the 2022 edition that took place over 4 days from the 14-17th July. The Zwarte Cross festival site covers an incredible 160 hectares (about 300 American football fields!) and has 33 different stages to visit. Highlite Rent provided lighting by Showtec and Infinity for the Tyrolean Tent along with Ritmo Sound Productions who were also the operators and supplied Showtec and Infinity lighting for Café Harder and Gaycafé ‘De Kast’.

The Tyrolean Tent is the place to be for lovers of Volksmusik and Schlager and there are a lot of them! The beautifully decorated tent was illuminated with various lighting fixtures provided by Highlite Rent, including 16 Infinity iW-741 RMD wash moving heads. These versatile light fixtures offer everything from a razor sharp 3.6° beam to a °60 wash. They also supplied 8 Infinity Furion Series S401 spot moving heads that can produce all sorts of amazing light effects thanks to the colour mix system, 13 gobos and animation wheel. Ritmo Sound Productions added 6 Showtec Sunstrip Active MKII blinders to the mix as well as 16 Showtec Spectral M800 Q4 Tour spotlights. This combination of lighting products provided the perfect feel for those who prefer their music to sound more mountainous.

Ritmo Sound Productions also provided lighting for Café Harder and Gaycafe ‘De Kast’. For these areas, they supplied 8 Infinity iW-720 wash moving heads (succeeded by the iW-741), 6 Showtec Perfomer 1000 LED MKII spotlights, complete with barndoors, and 8 Showtec Sunstrip Active MKII blinders.

Showtec’s vast range of lighting products and top-notch lighting by Infinity could illuminate any one of Zwarte Cross’ 33 stages and if you visit Zwarte Cross in 2023, you’re sure to see both brands in action.