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Showtec Creator light controllers
Showtec Creator light controllers

More than 2,000 Showtec Creator light controllers have been sold in recent years. Each design offers you all the tools you need to design a creative light show, such as a shape generator, personality files, palettes, and enough hotkeys and faders to make immediate modifications during a live show.

The series brings together four devices: the Creator Compact, the Creator 1024, the Creator 1024 PRO, and the Creator 2048. These controllers all have the same basic capabilities. The differences come in the controllers’ design and setup: from compact to very extensive. This means you can find the right Creator for your needs. Whichever one you choose, each Creator comes with great functions that you usually only find in high-end products. Thanks to their user-friendly layout and many tools, you will be able to program a great light show in no time.

In addition to some clips we have made to give you a better idea of the devices, there are tutorials that will tell you more about the machines’ capabilities. Click on the videos to view them. All Creators are available direct from stock.