Showtec lights up Ranganation

Showtec lights up Ranganation

For the second series of the popular BBC Two tv-show “The Ranganation” company Limelite used
various Showtec Vintage Blaze units and the result is amazing.

British comedian Romesh Ranganathan hosts the second series of the BBC Two comedy show “The Ranganation”.
The location for this second series is an odd one but understandable due to the current Covid climate. Romesh
will be broadcasting from his new studio at home, his garage. With his own hand-picked focus group, his
“Ranganation”, which are all in lockdown he aims to offer some funny, optimistic entertainment during these
uncertain times. Our customer Limelite Lighting Co. used various fixtures which included the Showtec Vintage
Blaze luminaires to complete the lighting for the mini-studio. And this is what it looks like.


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