Showtec Spectral and Helix at Solar 2017
Showtec Spectral and Helix at Solar 2017

Year: 2017

Location: Roermond

Lighting designer: Extrema BV

Production/Rental: Purple Group, JK Productions, Bram van Amelsvoort (4Productions), Roos Aerts (Roos Productions)

Thursday 3 August saw this year's edition of the annual Solar Weekend Festival in Roermond. The performances took place on ten stages, attracting a total of 25,000 people to the festival site. Our partner Purple Group from Schijndel used various Showtec fixtures, including a large number of Helix 4000 Q4s and Spectral M800 ip65s.

Solar has made its name as a ‘creative’ festival. Besides the stage acts from a range of musical genres, festivalgoers can take part in the many side activities on offer. Joining forces with Extrema BV as a light designer, Purple Group used a huge number of Helix 4000 Q4s thanks to their powerful light output, compact dimensions, and watertight properties. The company installed Spectral M800 ip65s across the site to put the festival's range of activities in the spotlight. They also used Showtec Cameleon Flood 18/3s, with Compact Par 7 Tris installed on the smaller stages.

Of course, Purple Group was sure to use Active Sunstrips, supporting them with Stage Blinders and DWE Audience Blinders. Meanwhile, features such as disco balls and Antari smoke machines added the finishing touches to the work by Extrema BV's light designers!