Sing safe!

Sing safe!

For any studio environment where microphones are used for singing or presentation, performing with
mouth covers is difficult. Here’s a simple solution:

Everybody who owns a home studio, a recording studio or works at a radio station can confirm this: presenting
or performing with mouth covers is a difficult thing. It affects the pronunciation and hinders the performance.
In studio surroundings however it is easy to create separate areas with dividers to make sure that there is
enough distance between the performer, the host and the sound engineer. The only issue remains the
microphone because this is the closest to anybody in any studio environment. Exceptional circumstances ask
for creative solutions and for this situation there is a very simple solution: use microphone windscreens. They
are available in different sizes, shapes and colours, are affordable, very easy to use and, more importantly,
easy to replace. After each performance, presentation or recording session, simply take the windscreen off the
microphone and replace it with a new one. This can help to improve the safety circumstances during these
extraordinary times.


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