Stagelight Den Bosch and Highlite: strong partners
Stagelight Den Bosch and Highlite: strong partners

Year: 2017

Location: Den Bosch

Lighting designer: Stagelight

Production/Rental: Stagelight

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Stagelight specializes in lighting and sound equipment for a range of different events. Its customers include some of the biggest festivals in the Netherlands. Recently, Stagelight invested in two fantastic Infinity products: Thirty Infinity iM-2515 panels and fifty Infinity iB-2r beams. They were put to good use straightaway for events such as the Amsterdam Dance Event, the Soendra festival, and Ghosttown.

Features such as continuous rotation on the pan and tilt axes and pixel addressing were crucial factors in deciding to purchase the iM-2515. Combined with their rich colours and high light output, the iM-2515 moving panels are perfect for providing maximum creativity and control.

One Infinity iB-2R is impressive enough but what happens when you use fifty of them? All kinds of crazy light designs are then possible. As the Stagelight technicians themselves say: ‘Spectacular, amazing, with an incredible light output and sharpness of image’. The speed and light output of these heads is astounding.

And as icing on the cake, the company also invested in a hundred Showtec Raincovers. During outdoor festivals, these covers protect the expensive equipment from all weather conditions. The system consists of a base (60 centimetres in diameter) that is covered by a transparent sleeve. The base is fitted with a 50-mm aluminium tube to which devices can be connected. This tube can also bear weights of up to 50 kg. The sleeve is attached with Velcro and is available in lengths of 30, 50, and 65 cm.