Terlinden fair truly shines

Terlinden fair truly shines

Each year in the Dutch south-based village of Terlinden a huge fair is organised with bands, deejays and a whole lot of good old-fashioned fun. Our longterm partner Demo Productions was responsible for the entire lightshow and they used a lot of Infinity and Showtec fixtures to give the fair the lightshow it deserved.

Razorsharp beams from 16 Infinity IB-2R fixtures, 18 units of Infinity IB-715 luminaires to create the proper mood, 16 Infinity IW-1915 to bathe the crowd in an abundance of colour. All this combined with 32 pieces of Showtec Spectral M800, 16 Active Sunstrip MKII and Showtec Stage blinders gave the audience exactly what it deserved: a fair that truly shines.

Various bands and deejays took the stage and kept the party going for three days. And Demo productions made sure that during these three days the entire fair looked the part by installing and programming a lightshow to match the overall feeling of good oldfashioned fun.

Pictures by @ikgalos


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