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TF260 C7 review in CX Magazine

TF260 C7 review in CX Magazine

Well-known Melbourne-based Lighting Designer John Collopy has written a raving hands-on review on our Infinity TF-260C7 Fresnel for the Australian CX Magazine.

Melbourne based Lighting Designer and technician John Collopy has tried out our Infinity TF-260C7 Fresnel on a couple of his shows, and found it to be “punchy, with wonderful colours, projecting an even field of light across the whole beam, which is what you want in a Fresnel. It’s a significant improvement on some of the LED pars I’ve used for the same types of jobs”.

According to Collopy, the light output of the TF-260C7 is comparable to that of a traditional 1K Fresnel, with a flat light field, and feeling flatter across the beam as a whole than a traditional fixture. He praises the gel-matching colour qualities of the TF-260C7, as well as the quality of the white light. Collopy mentions another great feature being the smoothness of the dimmer curves and extensive control possibilities via DMX. And with the Fresnel lens and zoom option it is very versatile and can be shifted from spot to wash, so it offers a lot of bang for the buck.

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