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Christmas and Three Kings installation in Peñaflor, Spain

Christmas and Three Kings installation in Peñaflor, Spain

Our customer José Antonio Garcia Toribio has carried out an installation during the whole Christmas period for the Three Kings (Los Reyes Magos) of Peñaflor, Spain.

In Spain, it is common for the Three Kings to pay a visit to the children one day before they will bring the presents to their homes. Normally the Three Kings would organize a pride for that on the 5th of January where they will throw candy for all children gathered along the pride's path. This year, as the Three Kings needed to be more careful due to the current situation, they organized something different for the children. They could visit a new location where the Three Kings waited for them to arrive and allow them to tell them their wishes. Besides the adjusted tradition this year, the children would receive a little surprise, a coupon to use in the little theme park that was set up in that space.

For decorating and making this setup even more incredible for the children, Jose Antonio Garcia provided different fixtures which made this experience unforgettable. In order to do so, he used a vast variety of Showtec light fixtures and some Antari fog machines. Among those he used 4 Stagebeam Fresnel 300/500W, 8 Compact Par Tri, 5 Par LED 30W Warm-On-Dim, 5 Par 20 Warm-On-Dim, 4 Kanjo Spor 60, 1 Showtec Easy 16 DMX controller, 1 Showmaster 48 MKII, 4 Cameleon Flood 6 Q4, and 2 Phantom 65 Spot combined with an Antari Ice Fog machine and 2 Antari M-7X RGBA Fogger.

The result couldn't bring bigger smiles into the children's faces.


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