Time to change: Sunstrip LED
Time to change: Sunstrip LED

Highlite history knows many lighting success stories and the story of the Showtec Sunstrip Active units is definitely one of them. Thousands of these halogen-based units have been sold over the years and their blinding effect could be experienced during many events.

Now it is time for a change with the sequel to the Sunstrip story with the arrival of the Showtec Sunstrip LED. The Sunstrip LED is a true successor and ideal replacement of the Sunstrip Active units for various reasons. The LEDs have been calibrated to such an extent that they match the conventional halogen behaviour in colour temperature and dimming perfectly. This means that you can use the LED version in already existing Active setups and you would not notice the difference.

There are more advantages to use the Showtec Sunstrip LED. How about an 80% energy consumption reduction as opposed to the conventional Active fixtures? Additional benefit of the energy decrease is that you can daisy-chain up to 24 Sunstrip LED units on one 16A/230V circuit instead of 4 regular Active units. The average lifespan for the LED-version is 25000 hours, 12 times more than the conventional predecessors.

If you like the LED idea but do not want to replace your current range of Sunstrip Active blinders, then you can use the Showtec LED Sunstrip GU10 lamp. This retrofit solution is equipped with a GU10 connector and produces a perfect simulation of the Tungsten dimming curve which can be found in the conventional Tungsten lamps. No need to replace the complete unit or change the PCB. Simply take out the current 10 halogen bulbs out of the Sunstrip Active, replace them with the LED Sunstrip GU10 lamp and you are good to go. Instantly profiting of all the LED benefits without any hassle.

Time to change. Don't you think?


Showtec Sunstrip LED advantages 

  • Low power consumption of max. 150W per Sunstrip LED
  • Less heat development
  • Lifespan of 25.000 hours
  • On a 16A/230V circuit 24 Sunstrip LED units can be daisy-chained
  • Robust, sturdy design which improves the lifespan of the LED source


Showtec Retrofit Sunstrip GU10 lamp 

  • Low power consumption of max. 11W per retrofit Sunstrip GU10 lamp
  • Less heat development
  • Lifespan of 25.000 hours
  • Perfectly calibrated halogen effect
  • Colour-temperature at full-on 3000K, dims back to 1800K
  • Better dimming curve than conventional halogen bulbs
  • Optimized for the Sunstrip Active and Sunstrip Active MKII units