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Which IP rating do I need?

Which IP rating do I need?

A comprehensive overview and explanation of the different IP ratings.

Waterproof LED lamps are designed in such a way that no water can ingress. This is always indicated with an IP rating. IP stands for 'Ingress Protection'. It indicates the extent to which a fixture is protected against the infiltration of substances and liquids from outside. For outdoor lighting, we always recommend an IP rating of IP65 or higher. However, with only an IP 65 rating or higher, we are not there yet!

What IP rating do I need?

To be able to say which IP rating you need, we first need to know where the lighting will be placed. For example, do you want to place the lighting inside or outside? And is the place where you place the lighting protected against water or will the lighting be placed in the open air?

We will first explain how to read the IP rating. An IP rating always contains 2 digits. The first digit represents the protection against solid objects and dust. The second figure represents the protection against liquids such as water.

You can see this in the table below.

ValueFirst digit (protection against solids)Second digit (protection against liquids)
0No protectionNo protection
1Protection against objects larger than 50 mmProtection against vertically falling drops
2Protection against objects larger than 12.5mmProtection against vertically falling drops up to an angle of 15
3Protection against objects larger than 2.5mmProtection against vertical watering up to an angle of 60º (max. 10L per minute)
4Protection against objects larger than 1 mmProtection against watering from any angle (max. 10L per minute)
5Protection against harmful dust accumulationProtection against watering from any angle (max. 12.5L per minute)
6Fully protected against dustProtection against watering from any angle (max. 100L per minute)
7-Waterproof up to 1 metre depth (max 30 minutes)
9-Waterproof under high pressure and at humidity levels of 90% or higher

The correct IP rating (IP65 or higher) does not determine whether the luminaire is suitable for permanent outdoor installation. In addition to the IP rating, which says something about dust and water protection, we also have to deal with weather influences such as UV sunlight, temperature, (sea / chlorine) air, etc. The lighting construction and the materials used also determine whether the lighting can withstand these outside influences.

The IP luminaires of Showtec and Infinity are products designed for the entertainment industry.
Luminaires with an IP-65 rating or higher from Showtec and Infinity are perfectly suited for (outdoor) events, where there is a chance of rain. Here, the set-up is of a temporary nature.

IP luminaires from Artecta, our Architectural range, are suitable for outdoor placement for a permanent installation.

In short, IP does not say whether a luminaire can be installed outdoors. Depending on its position, an IP65 luminaire may be suitable for outdoor installation in a sheltered situation. Therefore, when in doubt, please seek advice from our product specialists.


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