Why should you go for the new DMT Alpha Series Pixel screens?

Why should you go for the new DMT Alpha Series Pixel screens?

DMT’s newest Pixel screen series, the Alpha Series, bring certain hardware specifications like lightweight, modular design, innovative quick-lock system, and the possibility to easily create curved displays, but the “product experience” doesn’t end there. We evaluate our DMT Pixel screens extensively before we are happy with their quality, and we strive to offer a great service with our products. Read on to learn all the benefits!

The DMT Alpha Serie Pixel screens build DMT’s latest addition to the extensive range of pixel screens. They are lightweight, have a modular design, an innovative quick-lock system and can create curved displays, but that is only the hardware side of things. At DMT, we assess our products rigorously before we decide that they are up to our standards. We spend a lot of time on the Quality Control process to make sure our products are dependable so that our customers will enjoy our products. In the pictures you can see our new Alpha Series being tested in our warehouse.

So, even before we offer you our advice and help you pick the right product for your application, we have already done quite some work. This way, we are convinced that we can lay a solid foundation for our products to build upon, so we feel confident in advising you.

We know that the show must go on. That is why we offer spare modules for free (conditions may apply), so you will always be able to deploy all your panels and not have your complete screen set up, only to find out that one panel stays empty and that you have to exchange a full panel. Our panels are easily serviceable and within a few minutes your pixel screen will be up and running.

Besides our initial hardware support, we also offer software support. You can call in at any time during our office hours and get the help you need to have the software functioning and displaying what you want. Numerous colleagues have a lot of first-hand experience with our products, and we will know how to tackle your problem for sure.

If this does not have you convinced, then there is of course our legal warranty. Naturally, we offer the necessary warranties on our products in case of manufacturing flaws. And because our policy is to be able to deliver quickly, most of the products are kept in stock. Which means, replacements can be sent immediately in most of the cases and your show and services will not be in danger.

Now you must know for sure that you can trust on our products and services. We KNOW how things work in showbiz and we do our utmost to be of service and help you out in any (show) situation.