All aboard
All aboard "La route de l’amitié"!

Every two years the south shore of the Bretagne witnesses about 170 sailboats, skiffs and yachts complete a 9-day tour from Audierne to Le Palais. It is called "La route de l’amitié", meaning "The Friendship route". At every of the 7 different stops along the route the participants are welcomed with song, dance and a lot of good old entertainment.

At the first stop, Loctudy, our customer J.Audio built a stage where they used a lot of different entertainment products from us. For the stage they used about 20mtr of truss and for the sound they relied on Odin. They created a line array setup with two T-8A towers of 6 units on either side. To complete the setup they used 4 units of S-18A subwoofers. As monitor speakers on stage J.Audio added the active bi-amped M12 415W 12" monitor speaker. Lighting was arranged by using Showtec's Phantom 3R Hybrid moving heads combined with Showtec Compact Par 7 Tri. This is what it looked like: