Hattrick at Park City Live
Hattrick at Park City Live

Park City Live is a family festival which is held annually since 2010 in the city of Heerlen (NL). Two days of national and international acts, foodtrucks, various stages, vaudeville artists and a lot of fun are what makes this festival into a great success.

This year the PCL Dancestage showed a truckload of Showtec fixtures, Phantoms, blinders and strobes. One Mistique CO2 hazer was used to set the correct mood and 2 Chimp 300 light controllers including a Chimp Bananawing were put to action to control it all. Our customer SLF Group was responsible for the lighting scheme. Designer/operator Mr. Rob Debets with operator Mr. Wesley Houben were very enthusiastic about the entire setup.

Here is what Mr. Debets had to say about it: "In our lighting rig we had a number of Highlite fixtures: 24 Showtec Dataflash units. Very nice little strobe witch looks and acts good. Just a single dot or ring adds an extra touch to the look. Could be a bit brighter. But the pricing is really interesting. Eighteen Showtec Phantom 3R Hybrids which are very versatile fixtures with a good output. Fast and lots of options. The double prism feature is very nice. 12 units of the Showtec Stageblinder 4 Blaze. We were very impressed by this blinder! Very good quality housing and it works and looks awesome! The aura feature is a big plus and the amber when dimming works excellent! One Mistique Co2 Hazer. We had our doubts about this hazer keeping up in an large tent with a lot of wind. But it kept up and did an excellent job in providing haze.

Then all of the rig was controlled on an Infinity Chimp 300 setup. We had 2 Chimp 300 units and an additional Banana wing running a tracking backup system. This was convenient during programming. We set up the multi-user setup and could program with 2 operators on 2 desks. Then during show we ran an extended GUI. We were very pleased on how stable this all ran and also with the extra space to play with.

Adding to this list we had a few more products on site and in the VIP area: thirty Showtec Spectral M1500 Zoom and 8 Showtec Vintage blaze '55 units. I would recommend these products to everyone."

DAP Audio's Odin line array system was used during these two days in the Dancestage tent as well. A cardioid setup with the S-218A 2x18" Celestion-based ultra subwoofers, 22 T-8A Odin satellites with additional T-8A satellites on stage around the dj-booth made sure that the sound would hit home in a big way.

Rugged by Jasper Kroese
Bizzey by Jasper Kroese
Ben Liebrand by Fabian Viester
Puinhoop Kollectiv by Jasper Kroese

Darkraver & DJ Norman by Fabian Viester
Famke Louise by Fabian Viester
Isis Cloudt by John Klijnen
Puinhoop Kollectiv by Jasper Kroese