"Castle of love" 14th birthday

The EDM-festival "Castle of Love" celebrated its 14th birthday in Kerkrade (NL) in style. Built around the Castle of Ehrenstein the birthday-theme "Fairytales" entertained the audience two days long. with hardstyle, house and urban during the 2-day EDM festival. More than 70 deejay's and MC's were presented on 5 different stages and celebrated big style.

Our customer Xymio was responsible for the Main stage where they used, amongst other fixtures, Infinity's iM-2515 RGBW Matrix Moving head panels and for the visuals 35 units of the IP-65 rated DMT PS4,6N high performance LED screens.

SL Productions installed 8 Infinity iB-16R moving head beams at the Hardstyle stage. The Housestage area was equipped with a lot of Infinity and Showtec fixtures. Eight powerful Infinity Furion S601 Moving head with ten pixel-controlled iW-1915 Pixel RGBW Wash were used together with 4 Infinity TF-300 theatre spots. They were combined with 12 Showtec Phantom 3R Hybrids, 12 Spectral Revo-6 units, 12 units of the IP-65 rated Stage Blinder 4 Blaze and Helix S5000. The entire setup was controlled through an Infinity Chimp G2 light controller with additional Banana Wing. For the ArtNET distribution a Showtec NET 8/5 and a Booster pro 2-8 were used.

Odin was represented very well. A total of 24 T-8A Line array satellites with 10 on each side of the stage and 4 units used in the dj-booth produced an awesome wall of sound. The 4 dj-booth units were combined with 2 S-18 subwoofers. To enhance the complete sound-experience 12 S-218 ultra subwoofers were placed in a cardioid setup.

At the Urban stage DMT could also be found with Pixelscreen E8 units, combined with Pixelscreen P10 outdoor screens