Highlite at Mir Liveyouplay 2019
Highlite at Mir Liveyouplay 2019

We accepted the challenge of building a stage which could show you all the possibilities our extensive, all-round product-range has to offer. Light, sound, special FX and visuals, all came together in our complete presentation. After two days of building, using about 100mtr of trussing, 1km of cable, 14 chain hoists and programming 148 fixtures with the Infinity Chimp controller we finalised the show and were eager to show it to you.

29 Units of Infinity’s Furion S401, S601 and B401 took to the stage and impressed through their powerful saturated colours, strong output, speed and amazing visual effects. Combine this with 18 Phantom 3R Hybrid moving heads and their versatile possibilities, the blinding effects of the Showtec Stage Blinder 4 units with the compact but strong section-controlled Dataflashes and you will already have an unbelievable show on your hands.

As additional lighting accents Showtec’s latest retro fixtures were added. The Edison DMX blinders, equipped with E27 sockets, perfectly suited for the Showtec E27 LED Filament bulbs. They add a special atmosphere and accentuate any event.

24 Odin T-8A satellites and 12 S-218A double 18” Ultra subwoofers from the Odin Line Array-family were responsible for the sound on our stage. The Celestion-powered speakers produce a clear, defined sound which is distributed perfectly due to the well-engineered enclosures.

Our latest addition to the Hazer-range is the Showtec Mistique CO2 Hazer. This hazer produces a very fine haze which sets the mood instantly. The haze will remain longer, does not influence any colour scheme on stage and is extremely silent because there is no actual pump regulating the output. For this stage we used 2 units to create the desired effect.

To complete the stage setup we used 35m2 of DMT’s Premiere PS4.6N LED screens. 66 units, divided over three different screens. These lightweight, IP-65 rated, modular built, Novastar A5 controlled LED screens are well equipped to produce sharp images. For the riggers these Premiere screens are easy to handle because to their own low weight.

Please check the pictures and the live videos we recorded during the event to show you what we accomplished during MiR 2019. You can reach them by simply clicking on the various items. Should you require more info on our products or activities then please visit our website or contact our sales department. Once more, thank you for being a part of MIR 2019 and for taking the time to visit our stands. Hopefully, you had an amazing time during the event and we are looking forward to meet you again next year!