Sittard celebrates 15th Oktoberfest
Sittard celebrates 15th Oktoberfest

If you want to know what happens when you turn a giant field into one big party-area for 6 days, arrange entertainment with numerous artists and bands at 5 different locations and make everybody dress up for the occasion at the same time, then you should definitely come to Sittard (NL) to experience one of the best Oktoberfest-extravaganzas around the world!

This year the Oktoberfest Sittard celebrated its 15th birthday and it was the most successfull edition so far with more visitors than ever, more acts and more good old-fashioned fun and excitement. The Oktoberfest-organisation turned to our partners Xymio, Reflexion and Europe Equipment to arrange audio, visuals and lighting for three of the five different locations.

Xymio arranged lighting and visuals at the "Boels Rental"-tent. For this they used a total of 31 Infinity iW-1915, iB-16R and iM-2515 units, combined with 36 Showtec Octostrips and DWE Blindersets and for the visuals 48 DMT Pixelmesh P12,5 LED screens.

Reflexion was responsible for the lighting at the "Brand Weizen"-pavillion with 46 Infinity iW-1941 side-lights and iW-1240 units upfront, Furion S601 and S401 as rooflights and Furion B401 as floorlights. Reflexion added 43 Showtec Dataflash strobes and Pixel Pulse Bars to the entire setup.

Europe Equipment arranged the audio setup at the "Connect-Stube" with the Odine line array system. A total of 8 T-8A satellites divided over two Mammoth MAT-350 line array towers was combined with 4 S-18A subwoofers and 4 S-218A ultra subwoofers. To complete the picture Europe Equipment used 12 SHowtec Phantom 3R Hybrid moving heads